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IVG regal mesh disposable 6000 puffs

Original price was: ₨4,000.00.Current price is: ₨3,000.00.

Regal mesh 6000 puffs by IVG a disposable vape with 6000 puffs approx comes in 50mg, rechargeable pod around 14 rich & unique amazing flavors, smooth and enhanced with a best nicotine hit

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IVG regal mesh disposable 6000 puffs represents the perfect blend of style and substance, delivering not only stunning aesthetics but also outstanding performance. The transparent body decorated with eye-catching patterns makes it stand out from the crowded vape market. In addition to its attractive design, this device utilizes advanced mesh resistance technology to deliver an unparalleled flavor experience and produce large amounts of vapor that will truly enhance your vaping experience. With a winning combination of striking looks and state-of-the-art features, device proves to be a formidable competitor in the market and promises a visually appealing and technologically unique vaping experience

IVG regal mesh disposable 6000 puffs features & reviews:
  • Nicotine Level: 50 mg
  • Puff Count: 6000 puff approx
  • Flavors: 14 total Flavors
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
IVG regal mesh flavors:
  1. Creamy strawberry vanilla Ice Feel the delicious blend of farm-fresh strawberries drenched in creamy vanilla, invigorated with an icy, refreshing throat hit.

  2. blackcurrant lemonade Indulge in a tantalizing blend of tangy blackcurrant and refreshing lemonade, enlivened by a fresh, icy throat hit.

  3. Blazzin blue razz Enjoy the invigorating taste of a classic blue drink with the addition of ripe berry essence and an ice-cold soft drink

  4. Strawberry Mango feel notes and a sweet combination of juicy strawberries and mild mango, rounded off with a throat-nourishing kick for a truly invigorating vaping experience.

  5. Strawberry watermelon Indulge in the pleasant sweetness of aromatic strawberries and juicy watermelon, enhanced by an icy throat hit for a refreshing and delicious explosion.

  6. Passion fruit tropical explosion of passion fruit, known for its sweet and tangy flavor, now enhanced with an ice-cold flavor for a refreshing change of scenery

  7. Watermelon ice Taste the juicy and invigorating essence of watermelon complemented by a refreshing sensation on the exhale for a truly invigorating and enjoyable vaping experience.

  8. Berry lemonade Ice Indulge in the luscious sweetness of berries accompanied by refreshing lemonade notes for a rich yet invigorating vaping experience.

  9. Vimto Feel the iconic flavor of your beloved vaporized beverage, complete with an ice-cold, chilled hit in your throat. The dominant aromatic notes of cassis, raspberry and grape combine to create a truly refreshing

  10. Aloe grape Ice Try the unique blend of sweet and refreshing aloe combined with the juicy sweetness of ripe grapes creating a relaxing yet delicious vaping experience.

  11. Lychee blackcurrant the delicious taste of sweet and exotic lychee complemented by spicy and spicy notes of blackcurrant for a vaping experience that offers the perfect balance of fruity delights of your favorite summer ice cream

  12. Red Ice pop beneficial essence of fresh raspberries, perfectly combined with the feeling of freezing cold, reminiscent of your favorite summer ice cream

  13. Mango peach watermelon a tropical blast of your favorite summer fruits, enriched with a fresh, icy breeze

  14. Mango blackcurrant a harmonious blend of fresh, mild mango and juicy, sour black currant, complemented by a frozen freshness

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