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Iced Berries 30ml – Tokyo the Ocean series

Original price was: ₨3,200.00.Current price is: ₨2,100.00.

Tokyo the Ocean series Iced Berries 30ml blend offers the perfect combination of succulent blueberries and rich blackberries. a straightforward berry flavor or crave the refreshing kick of menthol, this concoction is designed to surprise and satisfy your taste buds. The infusion of sweet and tart notes from the blueberries and blackberries creates a harmonious symphony of flavors, ensuring a delightful experience. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised and thoroughly pleased with the vibrant and invigorating essence of these berries.

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Iced Berries 30ml Tokyo the Ocean series boasting the ideal blend of succulent blueberries and blackberries. Whether you seek a pure, unadulterated berry essence or a refreshing menthol kick, our berries promise to surprise and delight your taste buds. Experience the perfect balance between the juicy sweetness of blueberries, the bold richness of blackberries, and a touch of invigorating menthol, ensuring a experience that’s both satisfying and refreshing.

VG/PG: 50%/50%
Size: 30 ml
Nicotine Strength:  0mg, 20mg, 35mg/50mg

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Nicotine level

35 mg, 50 mg, 20 mg