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Pen Style Vapes
In its earliest days, pen style vapes were the only options available to users. Initial technology was very basic, and therefore could not get much attention.

Today however, pen style vapes have evolved into one of the most popular forms of e cigarettes. With more power and control then ever, pen style vapes have made it to every market globally, including Pakistan, where it has already gathered a lot of attention and its still increasing.

With a wide range of brands and styles to choose from, we at Vapebazaar aim to ensure that our customers get the best of what they desire.

One of the main reasons users opt for pen style vapes is because they are relatively easy to carry and most are generally very low maintenance, so you do not have to be a vaping geek to be able to use one.

Vape pens are quite easy to setup, if you choose one of our starter kits, you just need to unbox it, set the parts in place, which is quite simple, pour the e-liquid and that’s it!! You are ready to blow out big CLOUDS!!

Depending on your usage, you may be required to change the tank coils from time to time, which are quite cheap actually, and very simple to replace, simpler than replacing a light bulb really!.

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