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Geekvape G Series Coils


Geekvape G Series Coils is specially designed for Geekvape Wenax Stylus kit and Geekvape Wenax Stylus kit, Geekvape Wenax C1 kit, Geekvape Aegis pod, Geekvape G18 Starter Pen Kit. Come get the perfect coil now and enjoy the pleasure of vaping.

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Geekvape G Series Coils refresh your flavors, catering to the AEGIS POD 18W with a G Coil Pod-Formula mesh heating element, press fit coil installation.

GeekVape G-Coils are designed for the GeekVape Aegis Pod System. Each coil is designed with flavor in mind and contains mesh coils for salt nicotine e-liquids. Not only do the G-Coil Replacement Coils offer strong flavor but smooth airflow for an exquisite all day vaping experience.

Geekvape G Series Coils Features:

  • Geek Vape G Mesh Coil Series
  • 0.6ohm G Mesh Coils – rated for 13-18W
  • 1.2ohm G Mesh Coils – rated for 9.5-11.5W
  • 0.8ohm G Mesh Coils – rated for 12-15W
  • 1.0ohm G Mesh Coils – rated for 10-12W
  • Press Fit Coil Installation
  • WENAX C1
  • G18 KIT (EXCEPT G0.1)
You can extend coil life by:
  • Priming the coil before usage
  • Using e-liquid with the right VG:PG ratios
  • Not going above the recommended wattage
  • Topping up your tank so that the coil never dries out

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1.8 Ohms 7-9W, 1.2 Ohms 9.5-11.5W, 1.0 Ohms 10-12W, 0.8 Ohms 12- 15W, 0.6 Ohms 13-18W, 1.2 Ohms 8-12W, 1.2 Ohms 10-12W