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Box Mods

Vape Box Mods are the most common vaping devices, offering versatility and battery life capable of all-day-vaping. Customization and power range are two of the features which users like about box mods. Most of the devices within this category contain a chip set that allows the user to customize their vaping experience. These chip set features often include: adjustable wattage, adjustable voltage, temperature control, puff counter, battery life indicator, atomizer resistance, power boost function, and several layers of built-in protection for user safety. Some chip sets even include features such as: time and date, customizeable wallpaper, and Bluetooth connection. Box mods offer great battery life with the larger box-like chassis since they are able to house two batteries or a large built-in Li-Po battery. Most box mods accept two 18650 vape batteries ran in series, and can be charged via a built-in micro USB charging port. Adding to the versatility of these devices, the user can choose to pair their box mod with all types of atomizers such as: Sub-Ohm Tanks, MTL Tanks, RDAs, RTAs, and other rebuildable atomizers.

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