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Hammer of God XL – HOG


Hammer of God V3 XL mech mod vape also called HOG by vaperz clouds works with four 30T 0r 40T batteries and produces 8.4v power of output.

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Hammer of God XL HOG by vaporz cloud Classic V3 has undergone a significant transformation, emerging with new strength and new capabilities. With latest advancements in battery grounding technology and the integration of the legendary switch VC Tech. the latest version using four 21700 batteries in a series-parallel circuit, further it achieves unprecedented power output.

a vape device that promises an unprecedented and exciting experience for those seeking maximum performance and cloud production. Vaper enthusiasts can now harness the raw power, which combines cutting-edge technology and classic design. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or just want the intensity of a powerful vaporizer, this device delivers on its promise of maximizing performance.

Hammer of God XL – HOG specs & Features:
  • Aluminum body
  • 21700 Batteries
  • Suggested Min. Resistance: 0.35 ohm
  • Centered Stainless Steel 510 Threadings
  • battery tray at bottom
box Includes:
  • HOG mech mod only

Warning: the advanced nature of the serial mod and discourages beginners from using it due to its lack of protection and 8.4V output power. Users are recommended to carefully familiarize themselves with Ohm’s law and battery safety. In addition, the seller VIP vape tore Pakistan & vaporz cloud manufacturer expressly state that the user assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with the device.

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